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Portola is a community committed to building supportive relationships, collaboration, and high academic standards to create life-long learners and responsible members of society.



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Dr. "Captain" Garcia Meets The Challenge!...

Silly String, Gross Eats & Pirate Garb!

When Portola families exceeded the $60,000 PNW Principal Challenge goal (raising over $70,000), Dr. Garcia kept her promise and took on 3 challenges at once! While dressed in her pirate garb, she sang her heart out, only to be silly stringed when she got the words wrong; while being fed a REAL scorpion, a handful of crickets, worms and a couple good swigs of a peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup, sardine and fish sauce smoothie in between songs.


For those keeping count...yes, this was 3 of 4 challenges...and yes, we WILL be taping our fearless leader to a wall before the school year ends!

Pirate Smoothie


Portola Ninja Warrior Principal Challenge!


WOW! Families are really showing their love for Portola by supporting our Ninja Warrior fundraiser! We are creepy up on $60,000!

This call for some fun…how about a challenge?

If we can get to $60K by Friday night at 11:59pm, Dr. Garcia will do whichever one of the following activities gets the most votes from classrooms:

• Dress & talk like a pirate for a full school day.

• Be taped to a wall.

• Eat WEIRD food in a blind-folded taste test.

• Sing or String! If she can't sing the words to popular songs, she gets silly stringed.

Will you accept the challenge? The clock is ticking!

Portola BMX Assembly...AWESOME!
BMX Look No Feet!


The rain could not stop them!

Thank you Portola FFO and StuntMasters, Inc. for jumping on a break in the rain to bring us this awesome program!

Not only was the program totally cool to watch, StuntMasters’ youth focused BMX program inspired students to live safe, thoughtful, active, and purposeful be the best they can!


BMX Jump Over


An unforgettable experience!


Morning Arrival...

All grade levels begin instruction at 8AM. Thank you for your support in making sure our students arrive on time and ready to learn!

School attendance is vital to our students’ academic success. Arriving at school on time allows the classroom teacher to fully engage students in their learning with minimal interruption. Missing 10% of school (1 or 2 days every few weeks) can also make it harder to:

  • Gain early reading and math skills.
  • Build relationships
  • Develop good attendance habits.

Please work with your child and his/her teacher to develop your child’s strong attendance.

  • Set a regular bedtime and morning routine
  • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.
  • Share ideas with other parents for getting to school on time.
Portola Peer Mediation Program Is Back!...

Started more than 20 years ago, the purpose of Peer Mediators is to help our campus be safe, orderly and respected by all. This volunteer program of students provides the opportunity to serve the school and develop leadership skills. Students who wish to become part of this program must be:

  • Responsible
  • Keep up with their schoolwork
  • Have a good attitude towards others
  • Set a good example of how to act
Peer Mediation Training 1

Portola teachers, Mr. Hansen and Mrs. Hertenstein answer questions during the February 7, 2023 training.


Peer Mediation Training 2

Students practice strategies learned at their required six hour conflict resolution training.


Peer Mediators duties consist of helping out before school, at recess, and after school. Additional volunteer jobs also occur throughout the school year. Throughout their time as a Peer Mediator, they also periodically receive leadership training from staff and community members. 

Congratulations 2023 Peer Mediators!

Community Helping Community...

On January 24, 2023, the whole school came out to welcome Mr. Michael Lee from Ventura County Rescue Mission. Before loading up our donation with the help of Portola students, Mr. Lee kindly spent time explaining how great the need is for community support of our homeless community members and how our donation will get in to the hands of those who need them most.

School At Quad

Thank you again to all the Portola families and staff who supported our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project!